Wiring a replacement stepper motor

does anyone know what polarity each of the wires going into a stepper motor is?

i am running my xcarve via the x-controller so it has the white, red, green, black wires in the connector. i purchased a replacement stepper via amazon and it’s wiring is: Black: A+, Green: A-, Red: B+, Blue: B- and since the wire colors don’t match up i want to make sure i get the polarity right when i rewire it so that i do not fry my new motor

here is the new motor i am replacing the stock stepper with: STEPPERONLINE Nema 23 Stepper Motor 3.0A 269oz.in

“Polarity” doesn’t matter.
Just wire it Black, Green, Red, Blue. If it goes the wrong way, swap red and blue.

I just did one for a z axis upgrade and wired blue with white … matching all the other same colors … and it worked fine.

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The typical 4-wire stepper have two wire pairs, one for each internal coil.
Identify which are pairs by using a multimeter and measure for resistance or continuity. If the resistance is => 0 or contituity is indicated you have one pair.

Either pair can be A-pair of B-pair, there is no polarity like Neil stated.
To reverse a stepper simply flip any ONE pair around.