Wiring colors

Quick one,

I’ve got Openbuild stepper motors which have a Red, Green, Yellow and Blue wiring colors. The Inventables X controller wiring diagram shows Red, White, Green and black. I know from the Openbuild info that Red/Green is one pair and Yellow/Blue is the other and the Inventables colors pairs are Red/White and Green/black.

I’d like to wire this thing just once rather than having to mess with it a few times to get the right order.

Does anyone know which is A+, A-, B+ and B-? To save me some time.


Do you know how you can easily identify the two wire pairs?

1 - with no wires connected, spin the motor by hand, take note of the relative lack of friction
2 - Connect any two wires to eachoterh and spin the shaft again.

Do you feel rough “cogging” => You have found one pair, the other two form the 2nd pair and you have A/A and B/B

Did you not feel any change in friction? => You have one wire from each pair => you have identified both pairs.

If you want to change direction of one motor, you can swap around one pair (any) If you had A/A- and B/B- you will reverse rotation by swapping over to A-/A OR B-/B.

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This order R A+. G A- B. B+. Y. B-

Thanks. Worked first time.

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