Wiring Nema23 of Openbuilds' C-Beam Linear Actor

Hi all. I updated my xcarve with the Openbuilds’ C-Beam Linear Actor. It came with a Nema23. All fine.

However, I am not sure how to connect the cables as the color codes are apparently different. Can anyone help which cable coming from the Xcontroller goes on what cable on the Openbuilds’ Nema23?


Yellow, green, red, blue.
Test it. If stepper moves wrong direction, swap red and blue.

Thanks. In fact yellow, green, red, blue are the colors of the Nema motor.
However the colors from the xcontroller are white, black, red and green.
So red and green do match. But I’m not sure if they are supposed to. And I cannot find any connection layouts…

Or do you say that y-g-r-b is the exact color sequence I should use?

Basically, a stepper had two pairs of wires. The openbuilds pairs, according to their easy to find datasheet, are yellow/green and blue/red.

It doesn’t matter what color the wire extensions are…keep them in that order. If it goes the wrong way, reverse ONE pair (red/blue).

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Thanks a lot!

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