Wish me luck. Superglue and tape

Lost the dang top to the superglue while doing this. The kerosene heater has been on in the garage for about 5 hours and it’s finally making me sweat, tried to hurry and lost the top lol

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Well…going to stock up in superglue and more painters tape now…

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i have no idea what you were trying and what you are talking about :sweat_smile:

I have been using Super Glue and Tape I love it for exact size cuts where you don’t have room for clamps. I have been using a lot of the cut off pieces from furniture projects to carve with until I can find a good wood supplier.

CA & maskin tape work in many cases VERY well. I use it frequently, especially when dealing with thin sheet work.

CA contact adhesive?

One thing with this method you have to make sure your board has no Warps, Bows or Curves. Clamps will tighten it up to your waist board, the glue doesn’t hold as well if your base is not planed. Of course I have been up all night watching a 8 hr finish cut. Must note it is with tape and super glue.

Cyanoacrylate aka super glue :slight_smile:
My waste board is skimmed flat and I rub the tape down with a clean rag to ensure optimum bond.

Glue on the tape/work piece and accelerator on the tape/wasteboard = instant bond when pushed down.

I use screws and clamps too when seen fit but tape/glue work very well.

I’m probably wrong but for the cost of the machine you would think that before Inventables paints their pretty logo on waste boards they would make sure they are True. I know that a lot to ask for anymore but hey.

There isn’t really anything that Inventables can do about it, to be honest.

The issue is that they are MDF. They will absorb mositure during storage, shipping and once assembled.

A 5 day truck ride inside of cardboard could be a very humid environment.

Not to mention, ideally, once assembled and squared, people should skim their wasteboard anyways to have a surface that is parallel to the spindle itself.

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And yet they print that pretty design just so you can skim it off before you can really use it.

True problem is that you can’t even skim the full board. I like to use boards bigger than the actual piece I’m cutting. in order to utilize the full space I have to use a plane to finish the whole waste board. which means every time I level my board I have to dismantle it.

Didn’t think of that, but still makes it hard to run a board long.

I have been thinking that I want to do several cut though projects here in the near future.

Glue gun glue … Glue gun glue…

The benefits of a heated basement to myself… :slight_smile: