WOHOO! My Wide MakerSlide shipped!

Just got an email saying my Wide MakerSlide x-axis upgrade shipped today! Whooohooo!

I didn’t expect it to ship this soon. My plan was to take my x-carve apart over the week of thanksgiving… upgrading the x-axis, checking all the wheels/bolts, making a new waste board and replacing the DW611 brushes (giving it a 1 year old tune-up).

Now i have to decide if i want to bump my plans up a month :slight_smile:


Same with me just got a email that the New MakerSlide is shipped!
only order 2 things that and the X-Controller. It’s only 8 days old.

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NO, sorry i was not so clear on saying that. just the MakerSlide.


Thanks for the heads up. I bought four 1-meter lengths of makerslide, but haven’t had time to upgrade my machine. Now that the wideslide is shipping, I might as well buy a 1 meter length to replace two of the makerslides.


I just got my Wide Makerslide and Z-Probe. Is there a thread for installation of the wide slide and hook up / useage of the z-probe?

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A community install doc was started on 9-22, it is still being worked on (in fact right now)
The post about it Upgrade Instructions Challenge
and the link to the doc is in that post

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I also got my wide slide today, and it looks great.

It’s got me rethinking my expansion plans. The original plan was to chop the X-axis to 800mm to fit in my enclosure. But, it seems a shame to chop this piece of metal up. Now I’m thinking about eating those 200mm and building the enclosure out to accommodate the full width. The only problem is that would leave me with only 20" of walking space between my benches… barely enough room to squeeze my chair into.

Hmm. Decisions, decisions.


Sadly, my wide makerslide shipped on the 15th and the laSt tracking was several days ago still in Chicago. Maybe it’s lost… or maybe it’s moving without being tracked for some reason. Shipping to hawaii never seems to go without some sort of problem.

Whatever the reason, I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival as I tore my machine down when tracking estimated delivery 3 days ago…

Anyone have any dial indicator tests post install?

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Worked on getting mine installed today. And also did long m5 screws to add some additional rigidity to the carriage. Man this thing does not flex as much as it use to