Won’t go past 1%

Just purchased the silverback 6060 and set everything up. I’m trying to test using a generic shape. Probe and spindle is going confirm. Press carve and machine moves into the right spot drops slightly then stops? On the program it says 1%. Hopefully something simple as I am not a computer programmer. Thank you in advance

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Hey Troy i have a Silverback 6060 as well. Can you run it again and when it stops open machine inspector page in easel (press ctrl+shift+D) then check to see if its in an alarm state And if it is in the past few lines in the console section it should show an alarm number which im betting is 1 or 2 which could be caused when the cnc hits a limit switch such as the lower limit switch which you could resolve by lowering the spindle in its clamp or lifting the workpiece by placing a sacrificial wasteboard below it.

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