Won’t restart carve

Help! During an hour long carve, I came back to check on things and my computer went to the lock screen and the carve paused with 11min left. I tried to press play and it’s not budging. Is there anything I can do?! :disappointed:

Easel do not support restart a partial carve (other than at the beginning again)

Do you have homing switches installed / done a homing cycle before setting work zero?
Depending on the design, you may “mask” previously carved areas, editing the gcode is another option, deleting the previously carved code but that is not easy unless proficient reading/understand gcode.

You can restart at the very beginning and ramp the speed up to 200% to atleast reduce the “air time”.

But - a known reference point is a pre-requisite, such as homing cycle which syncronise machine coordinates with material position.