Wonder Woman inlayed sign

Nice design. I see you don’t use a sacrificial board much, or ever… lol …:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now of course you have to play with carving the pockets at different depths so the inlays will stand proud at different heights.

This is awesome. Care to share the CRV file (or source SVG)?

Looks great Phil!

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No prob. My daughter finally showed an interest in the XC so I was looking for something for us to carve together. I think we’ll just make a guitar pick holder. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ll def try it. She has a short attention span, so even though that process makes sense, I’d lose her at the “google images” step :slight_smile:

I wanted to grab something quick and easy. We just picked a icon from the drop down in Easel, and as I expected she lasted about 3 minutes into the carve, then disappeared.

Next time she asks I’ll have the WW logo already traced, and both pocket and inlays cut, and she can just do the glue-up…

baby steps :smile:

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Oh, no offense taken, I’m happy to share anything I’ve done (eg. Game of Thrones signs, roman numeral clock), I was just hoping it was something that you might have in easel so I could do a quick cut.