Won't clear the pockt

Any ideas why this won’t clear out the pocket? Probably something very simple.

Thank you for the help


The file inst shared publicly

Lets try this one.

Attempting to make a block puzzle for a child

I would say you need to change the font. I tried to cut on path and could not get it to work.

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When I looked at it it was set to pocket with a 90 V bit. The text is too wide and tall to do a V carve.
Do your pocket with an end mill.

Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but I took your file and used the “Shape Exploder” app to break apart your letters. Then you can select each one and combine them to make them one object. Look at the file that I did and let me know if that’s what you’re looking for. Like Wayne said you could use a different font and use the offseter app to add the outline.
Good Luck