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Wood sources

Hello, sorry if this has been addressed before but I live in the state of Nevada and was hoping anyone could help me find wood and acrylic sources? I’ve seen other posts for other parts of the country but none for my area. Any help would be appreciated.

I Googled “woodworking in Nevada” and sites popped up in Reno and Las Vegas. I think that some of the better known hardwood suppliers will also ship. You can also buy off of Ebay and it will ship to you.

I’m in a wooded part of the country so I have a few more options. There are both a Woodcraft and a Rockler here in town as well as some specialty stores. You can buy acrylic from McMaster-Carr and they will ship anywhere.

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Check out Ocooch Hardwoods, I get my wood for the Glowforge from them

14860 County Hwy E
Viola, WI 54664

Mon through Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Phone: (608) 466 6470
Toll Free: 888-322-2432

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Peterman Lumber has a Vegas location. I get all my hardwood from them here in SoCal :+1::+1:

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Mark, Im in Vegas and Peterman is supposed to be the best option in southern NV. is also supposed to be good for slabs.

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Thank you everybody. Appreciate the help. I’m new to this and am grateful for your time.

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