Wood thickness problem

I accidentally bought some 1.25 thick wood. Are there any hacks or hope of using this on the carvey?

Carving or engraving? No problem.
Cutting all the way through? You’ll have to cut part way and then flip to mill from the other side.

Not disagreeing, but what is the maximum depth of cut?

spec’s say Z can move 2.75 inches.

I know I must be missing something.

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Should be just over 3".

@LarryM is correct. You’ll just have to be careful that your bit is long enough and that you don’t retract too high when you set up the toolpath.
I was thinking about the length of bits I have for our Carvey rather than the capability of the machine.

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I need larger screw in stabilizers than the Red ones that come with it, just carving. Sorry I should have specified the question. The red ones only hold 1 inch wood!

Use double sided tape or masking tape & super glue.
If the issue is the “smart” clamp, at worst, run to Home Depot and get some longer M5 screws (50 or 55mm long).

I meant to reply before but THANK YOU! That worked perfectly!

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What was it that worked?

The size of the screws, that is all I needed was to secure the wood.