Wood Type Question

I am new to the CNC world and having fun figuring it out. However, I am not new to the woodworking world and am aware of open grain structures of different types of wood. In addition, I know that soft woods are not great for some things.

Typically I work with hard woods, cherry, maple and walnut being my favorites, and typically avoid soft woods.

Now, I am working on a basic sign and decided to use what I had, poplar. I wanted to add color/contrast to the sign and masked it with oramask, which worked out great. I have never painted part of a project before because I typically select the wood to match the project I am making, so painting is new to me. What I noticed was bleed in from the paint into the wood.

Question for ya’ll is: Is the bleeding of paint into the grain a typical problem or is my wood selection the problem?

Thank you. I didn’t think about that. Like I said, I am not use to painting wood, I am use to clear finishes.

You may find some very dense woods that will not experience paint bleed such as some of the oilt exotics.
Best way to avoid bleed is to seal with shellac first.
Phill has a good instruction video for painting after sealing. Any paint you get outside the carve are easy to wipe off.