Woodburning using X-Carve

Hi guys,

My spindle died and I’m awaiting a replacement.
Meanwhile I tried woodburning using X-Carve. Just attached a simple woodburning tool to the carriage using tie-wraps and set the setting quite carefully. I was using a cutting depth of 0,2 mm and feedrate of 200 mm/min.

I’m quite surprised how well it works. Just make sure you piece is dead flat.
Hope you guys like the idea and please post your projects if you decide to give it a try.
Cheers! Marnix


Wow thanks for the share

Nice, I never would have thought to try that, very clever!


Nice, I note you set 0.2mm feed, was this taken by the flex in the tie-wraps, rather than plunging into the wood ?

I have meant to try this on my cnc router for years. Even bought Black & Decker pyro irons, but never got round to making a floating mount for them so I wouldn’t have to worry about timber not being flat.

Your results are great, and will make an extra effort to give it a go here.

Yep, definitely going to have to try this… I also wonder if an iron or something similar could be used like a hot end for cutting foam…

Hah @sketch42 at first I thought you meant like a shirt pressing iron and I was like “holy crap, cnc laundry, genius!”


I fastened the tie-wraps quite firmly so the flex is very minimal. It is really all about the depth and speed of the passes. It tried some more today and found that setting your zero is most important.
If the pass doesn’t burn it all nicely, I let it repeat the same path buth set my zero just 0,005 inch lower.
A floating mount would be quite tricky I guess.
For now: super flat wood and steps of 0,005 inch do the trick :slight_smile:

This needs a video!

I bet it makes the shop smell great too.

you just made my (wife’s) day! very cool.

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That is an awesome idea! How long did the spindle last, and how long did you run it on a project may I ask?

hmmm… not a bad idea, though…

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Buy me a camera and I’ll make a 1,5 hour documentary :wink:

An hour and a half holy crap , thats super cool man using easel?

Wow great idea, thanks for sharing!

X-Carve the router carver/water jet and plasma cutter/laser cutter/drag knife/wood burner/3D printer/drawing machine and whatever else you can come up with. Love it!


What Phil said! :smiley:


:hourglass: Waiting Phil. :slight_smile:

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I did sharpie holder and fairly working. What I’m thinking is stable holding housing attached to double arm with spring. Imagine those two arms on sides of router, soldering gun in front of it. You’re f360 user, I know you can come up with something brite. :smirk:

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Wooow, salude. :clap: …a big one. I wish I can use F360 like this.

Wow twice. Are you saying you have Solidworks subscription.??