Wooden wrist watch?

Question, and sorry if this is covered but try typing wood or watch into the search box.

My Question: has anyone made or is it even possible to make a wooden wrist watch on the XC?
Not sure what tollerances are needed to do this. And at first glance making the links for the wrist band may be a challenge. Idk. Hope some one on here has some good news for me.

its possible to make a band.
google living hinge.
They used a laser to create it. You might be able to do it with the slits cut with a small 1/32" bit.
I have not tried it but the idea is there.
Good luck.

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Great idea. Now I have another reason to buy a laser. Does anyone know if the 2.8watt j tech laser will be good enough for this type of cutting or if I need more power?

no, no, no and no. :slight_smile: Sorry I speak from experience.

that’s like asking: “i need to screw down 500 two-inch screws, will a screwdriver work?”
Yes it will work eventually but you’ll be immediately be confronted with the fact your setup is just not that useful for that job.

A 40+ watt laser is what I’d recommend for cutting wood. Those sub 10W lasers are mainly for engraving. Another thing to consider is that a ‘living hinge’ is bound to break relatively fast due to flexing fatigue. And also: it has hard edges that won’t feel comfortable at all.

Here’s my tests on the subject:

When I saw the original post, I thought more along the lines of this:

which is a lot more work, but far superior in execution, look and feel.

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So I will not attempt with laser. And live hinge is not good for a watch.
I saw this video and thought he is using a router. So maybe the XC can do all of that and then some.
Thanks for the advice. Hope I can get some more if anyone has ever attempted this. Or maybe I will get to be the first one. Will definitely post my progress. It may take me a while.

If I can find good plans that will help. I was also thinking that I might need to model from scratch in fusion 360. It would give me an excuse to brush up on my fusion skills anyway.

Stay tuned.
P.S. that is not my video I did not make those watches. Just something interesting I found on youtube


Hey Devin, go for it! Give it a try. At the very least you’ll learn a ton while figuring everything out.

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Hey Devin, I recently made a wooden wrist watch using a Carvey.

Here’s the link to the Project: https://www.inventables.com/projects/wooden-watch

I am sure you can make one using an XC. Let me know if you need more details about the project.


Awesome thanks for the link.

I like it. I see that you used fusion to model. Would you be willing to share that file. I may want to see what types other types of watch faces I can make.

Thanks again. This is a huge help and lets me know it is possible to do. Im excited now.

I would go with more than a 40w. I have one and it has trouble cutting wood.

I was looking at j tech and I think 3.8watt is the biggest kit for well over $300. How much $$ for over 40watt?

Our 40w was around $4k. We use it at work to engrave our school logo and serial number into our students chromebooks.

$4k. Yeah… even if I wanted to just not happening at this stage of my game. Lol. Thanks though.

A cheap Chinese 40 watt laser starts at around $300.00. Will need to add about another $100.00 to make it usable. Search for 40 watt lasers and you will find a lot of great discusions.

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beware that a 40W laser is a whole other technology. You should really do some serious research before making a choice. If you have specific questions: shoot!

40W should be plenty for cutting up to 1/4" ply
Mine is.What are you cutting? Do you have air assist? I ask bc before I installed a nozzle, I had problems too but it turned out the lens got really dirty by the fumes and it actually made a TON of difference one I cleaned it.

I think i will hold off on the laser and when I do get one I don’t think will cut with it. Just do engraving and photo stuff

Yeah sure. Here are the links to the parts.
I used Fusion to make the 3 parts of the watch, and Easel to make the band.

I am excited to see what you will come up with. Good luck!


I have a fslaser 5th gen hobby. It doesn’t have air assist. It my be my focal length because we have it set up to engrave. We have cut 1/8" stuff but havent had much luck with anything thicker than that.