Woodpecker V3.4 Control board, x & z directions wrong

Hi Guys, I have cheap 3018 CNC which I have upgraded with a 500 watt spindle and just added a Woodpecker control board V3.4. The x & z move in the wrong directions and the x sometimes dose not move at all. The y is working well in the right direction. Do I need to upgrade the firmware or do you think it is a problem with the board? Any help here is really welcome.

There are three ways to change directions. The first one is to go through Easel Set up where it asks you to try the movements and asks if they are in the correct direction. The other is to go into the GRBL settings and manually change them. It is $3= one of the numbers from the chart. You would enter one of the numbers 0-7 depending on which axis or axes needs to reverse direction. The last is to change the wires in your connectors.
GRBL_Settings_Pocket_Guide_Rev_B.pdf (diymachining.com)

To view your settings you type $$ in the command line. To change a setting you type $= (pick one of the numbers 0-7 )and hit enter.

X-Carve Instructions: Computer Setup (inventables.com)

Y1 axis moves opposite direction from Y2 - X-Carve - Inventables Community Forum

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Thanks Martin for answering so quickly. I’m about to give it a try today, fingers crossed but I am keen to sort it out.

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Hi Martin, I tried the first method of changing the directions in Easel and it worked well. I was very happy with the result as it meant it was nice and easy or so I thought, till I came to try it out. Everything was upside down, so I am in the process of changing the y axis wirers around. This should work and I want to thank you for your help again.

Hi again, at the last minute I realized I need only change the direction of the y on Easel settings. All done and dusted as it works well thanks to you.

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