Woodworking Mallet!

Hey guys!

Someone over on youtube asked me to try and carve a woodworking mallet and so i’ve created a quick video documenting the progress as well as some written instructions in the projects section here at inventables.

The .svg is available to anyone who may want to edit it as well as the easel file.

Carve, customize and share your traditional style x-carve mallets!


Great video as always.

Thanks Hugh!

The only thing that keeps replaying in my brain now is “hammer of the gods…” line from Immigrant Song.

Being from the wonderful state of Maryland, I now wonder if I should start making custom crab mallets…

Seriously though, good stuff! I look forward to regular videos from your channel.

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That’s awesome! Thanks for checking it out and maybe you can carve a themed version of the mallet!

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