Woot! First test project!

Other than using the cheap piece of scrap plywood - it will work for me.

A couple small edits to the project file and I’ll cut the next version in a piece of walnut (using a finer bit).

Oh man… so may Xmas gift ideas and so little time to get them done…


Nice work. Better hurry up you only have a week left

Looks good, you might want to try not cutting the letters so deep. That’s what causes the insides to break off. Even on walnut it will break off if you do to deep.
Good Luck


Thx much for the tip!

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.004 and .005 is what I typically use for depth

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Looks great! And I’ll second @RussellCrawford on the carving depth, I’m always surprised how little of a depth I need in most of my cuts. I always wind up going way deeper than I need!


Awesome start, welcome!!