Work and machine moment zero xy. Card keeps immediately going off left edge. 3018 cnc

Can’t zero xy. No dot shows where zero is on drawing. Card keeps going off left edge.

Not enough information :slight_smile:

Do the machine jog correctly in terms of direction and distance?
What program do you design in / use to transmit the gcode?

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Machine responds to correct movement commands. Trying very basic carving , a circle ,using easel.

Did you Home and zero you machine?

  • How do you set your work zero? (Easel call this Home position and is usually on the lower left corner, on top of your material)
  • Can you share your Easel test project?
    (Easel - File - Share Publicaly - Copy URL, click Save, paste URL here.

I found one problem with the x axis wiring. I switched that and it moves as it should now. Still having issues with carving locations. Could you explain and/or send pictures of machine at home zero and also of work zero.