Work around for Easel stopping in middle of Job

This solution may not work for all of you. Today my Easel stopped and said job finished, it was only about 70% finished. So went back to Easel in the project design and fortunately the design contained numerous Vector images. Each letter in my design and all the scrolling and outline designs. So I deleted everything that I could that had already been cut in the project. Made sure the starting point was exactly where it started first time and started the carve again, came out perfect. Hope this might help some of you. I am a newbe.

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Absolutely. One can delete partial objects if possible or mask areas in Easel by laying a shape on top and set carve detph of the masking object to zero.

A prerequisite for restarting an aborted carve is a fixed reference point as your work zero is stored as an offset value relative to Machine Zero.
Homing switches do this, so re-homing and choose “Use previous position” will work.