Work Table

I ordered the 1000mm X-Carve. I am waiting for all the boxes to arrive. I was wondering what size work table I’m going to need for this machine. Any help is appreciated thanks.

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Check the dimensions of the machine and go from there. I finally got my 1000 and had to build a table for it. I wish I would have built it longer to account for a place for my laptop, tools, clamps, etc. I went 52" wide x 48" deep. I am already planning on expanding the table. I have seen some decent suggestions on the internet too. This advice is coming from a total newbie that has yet to get his machine operating due to no power issue, so take that into consideration lol.

I built mine 49” X 73” out of 3/4” MDF and the 24” X 49” piece that was leftover I made a big pullout drawer for all the accessories. It has room for my laptop and a little room in front.


Short Answer: 48" wide x 40" deep is the “minimum” you’ll most likely need in the standard configuration (not including the sideboard, which I did not buy and do not know the measurements for).

Longer Answer: I depends on how you mount everything, what “accessories” you want, your personal workflow and your space available.

If you mount the X-Controller underneath the top (to help with dust) you could get away with a 40x40 table (39 3/8" wide by 39 1/2" deep if you wanted to be anal) as that’s the base of the X-Carve. Wires would go down on the side of the table to reach the X-Controller, Y-Axis motors would overhang, and you’d have to watch the drag chain overhangs as well.

My current table is designed to be 48" x 48" because that’s 1/2 a sheet of MDF**. The extra 8" up front gives me enough space for my wireless keyboard and a few tools I keep handy while on the CNC. The right Y-Axis motor does overhang about 2 1/2", but that is currently OK. Once I move the X-Controller to mount below the table, I will be able to move the X-Carve more towards the center and build an enclosure on top with insulation to keep the noise down.

I plan on building extensions (everything will be on casters) that are 24" x 48" so they can go in front of, behind and/or on the sides when I need the additional space (such as pushing longer items through the X-Carve and supporting them properly) as well as a keyboard pullout (until I get a laptop) and storage drawers to maximize space.

**Most sheet goods designed for cabinetry (i.e. not OSB), are an inch oversized so you can trim off the factory edges which are prone to damage. This is why you see the 49" dimensions regularly. I, however, trim off the factory edges because I have issues.

I was unable to open your picture- would love to see them.

Sorry, I meant to fix that… These should show up. First shot is overhead of the current layout (will change). Second and third shots show how close all the parts are together to get the measurements on width. The machine is currently slide forward about an inch or 2, so the front space is roughly 5-6 inches. Enough for what I need until I build a new table and extensions.

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I also built a 52" x 48" table. Primary reason behind those exact dimensions is that some very kind designer uploaded a 1000mm X-Carve model into the Sketchup 3D Warehouse, which made the decision very easy when designing the table.