Work too long for x-carve

I purchased a 750mm, and it’s range is not long enough for the piece I’m working with.

I’m simply cutting a rectangular tray on a 23" x 11" board.

Has anyone found a technique for cutting half and then the other half without having any offset problems?

Is the width of the tray as wide as the wood or is there space on either side?

One thing that I have done in the past if I have a piece thats to big for the machine is

create 2 or more files in Easel or other software and then basically section your work into different parts

now for locating on the machine

Per example if you wanted to cut a 8ft long board on your machine by sliding it through you could use a fixture with dowel pins and drilled holes

blocks on either side of the material so that it locates it on the machine

you can also program the toolpaths and design to leave zero marks on the material for after you slide it

if you want to get crazy you can have 1 file and then pause the machine at the right moment and then move stock around then start the machine again

but imo its all about locating your part in a rigid setup to make sure that you pick up where you left off

23" long, 11" wide… I’m cutting the length, minus 1/4" on both ends, thus the cut length problem. As for the width, the section I’m cutting is only about 6.5", leaving a few inches to each side.

Here’s what I’ve done so far…
I created a cutout on Easel that’s about 12" long , with equal space on both sides for the cutout, then I swapped ends. The making sure my wood is perfectly square and relocated exactly to the same starting point again is the toughest part so far. Since this is a 3/8" tray cutting bit, it’s kind of hard to make sure centerpoint for home on the bit is the same across both cuts.

hmm well to solve the 3/8" tray cutting bit center point problem just load a smaller tool or a engraving tool that goes into a fine point I do that sometimes when I am using weird cutters

just load that small tool to set x and y and then load the proper tool to set the z

Have you had any luck just using the start from same home as last time? Seems to be a little off every time I do.

hmm if your work zero is the say as your home zero then the machine should stay in the same spot every time when you go back to it

I would check your switches and make sure they are not loose

how far is it off?

I’ll try the bit swap thing at home and I’ll let you know.

You can do it with Vcarve if you have it. Google Vcarve tiling and watch the video tutorials.

Great idea. Unfortunately I don’t the ability to cut holes in my piece as I use it all. But I’ll keep it in mind if I ever need that.

It did give me an idea about placing boundary clamps on both sides that I could slide the wood down the table after the first cut. I may try that. I’ll use return to home in Easel too, to see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.

Brian, I’ll take a look. Not sure if I can pocket v-carve at this time. I’ll need to get it revenue cooking first.