WORK ZERO not working

I have homing switches set up and when I home the machine it works fine I then set up G28 for work home which also works fine, but when I load the file and start to cut it goes back to machine home to start the carve, what am I doing wrong, I am using Picsender

How do you set Work Zero?

G28 is a parking spot (as is G30).
Work zero is also persistent between power off/on cycles and dont require a G28/G30 to be used.

I dont use Picsender so can not comment on that interface.

Thank you Haldor for the reply, I thought G28 was work zero, i have been looking on the forum for something to read on setting up work zero and machine zero, I have tried setting it up on UGCS but get the same results,

Machine home position = your homing switches. This establish a fixed reference point (within the accuracy of your switches)

With a fixed reference point you can have a consistent:

  • Work Zero (Easel Home position)
  • G28 Parking spot
  • G30 Parking spot
  • Work Origin offsets, G55-G59

So a typical work flow will be:

  • Perform a homing cycle
  • Jog to the intended work zero point
  • Probe or otherwize set Z height depending on height of material to be carved
  • Set this as Work Zero
  • Carve

So next time you want to do the same, simply:

  • Perform a homing cycle if you have had power off / disconnect
  • Place material on waste board
  • Carve

Thank you Haldor, that is exactly what I wanted

If you have bump stop/fixture for consistent work zero you can set your g28 above that.

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Yes, that is one good suggestion for G28/G30 use.
I use G30 for a raised position close to me, for tool changes.

Thank you Mark, I have fixed a bump stop and set work zero to be above the bump stop, all is working great now