WorkBee CNC is very LOUD

Im currently running a workbee cnc with a 2.2kW spindle. My current project is using a 1/4" compression bit to cut out some stand up desks out of .7"paint grade birch plywood. Ill attach a video but in short its hitting 104+dB on the noise levels making my normal hearing protection insufficient. My only measuring instrument is an app on my phone which tops out at about the same noise levels, so it could be louder. My question is how do I reduce this chatter, if thats the issue, and reduce the the overall volume of the machine?

In the video the 1/4" bit is running at 66IPM at a .28" DOC.
LINK - you may want to turn your volume down before opening.

I understand that it is pretty aggressive to preform that DOC on my machine but the compression bit down cut doesn’t start till .276" on the bit. Is there a strategy that I could attempt to preform that would reduce the strain on the overall machine?

Thanks for your help!