Workflow from design through zero to carve

Hi Guys,
I would like some opinions please.
Currently I use Vcarve desktop to design my project. I then save my toolpaths to dropbox. I open UGS and use the Triquetra to set all axis to zero. I then have to close UGS (as it locks the com port), wait a few seconds for the com port to release, then open Easel, import the gcode, check as Easel validates the code, then carve. The reason I do this is because I like the way in which Easel provides a visual of the project prior to pressing the “Carve” button, I am great at using the centre point in Vcarve to design my projects, then forgetting and importing the code to Easel and use the bottom left to zero, so my design ends up way off the board - Doh!

Is there any other gcode software that is reliable but provides a visual of the project? I have checked Picsender and that does not seem to have the feature, if I press visualize in Ugs nothing seems to happen.

Any suggestions welcome, or options for alternate workflow?


The only other gcode sender that I know shows a visualization of the code is Mach3, however it won’t work with the current xcarve setup without upgrading to a different controller and you can then no longer use easel…

Any reason why you don’t just use lower left in vcarve? It’ll retain that setting for each new project so you don’t have to remember every time…

UGS has a visualizer in it…

Try a nightly 2.0 build for Platform.

Hi Darryl,

I am new to Vcarve and most other elements with carving so I will use the lower left in future, but I was also checking if my workflow was correct or if there were better options. I suppose the most frustrating issue is changing bits (I should have mentioned this in the first post). For the first toolpath I use Ugs, zero 3 axis, import to Easel and carve. Then when I need to change bits, from say a 1/4" 90 deg v bit to an 1/8" end mill, I close Easel, re-open UGS, zero the end mill, close UGS, re-open Easel and load next tool path. Am I doing something I dont really need to?


Hi Justin,

I have never got visualizer to work, hangs for a couple of mins then just a black box. Do you see something?


Hi Justin,

Will try the later UGS as suggested.


I’ve been using CNCJS for a while now. Has a visualizer and works well with the Triquetra block.

Windows or Mac?

I can’t get the Visualizer to work on my Raspberry Pi but that’s a known issue. It works on my Windows 10 laptop.

What version of UGCS are you using?

Hi Michael,

Not heard of that one, if work will just leave me alone I can get on and investigate. If not it will be tonight.


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I run Vcarve via “Parrallels” windows emulator on my Mac, then in the workshop I have a dedicated Windows10 pc where I run UGS, Easel and Vcarve. I am still running UGS 0.9 and the older Easel driver as all seemed to be stable - you know the saying “if it aint broke dont fix it”.


as for visualizer of G-Code the programs I have used with this feature is UGS and UGS Platform. CNCjs, Bcnc, Chillipeppr,

As for your visualizer not working in UGS do you have a 3D hardware enabled video? I know that with my Raspberry Pi 3 (which I use to run the X-Carve) when I do not have the 3D hardware acceleration on it will not show the visualizer and only has a black box like you describe.

I have always liked Bcnc because it has so many more features than the other senders listed. but as such it also has a higher learning curve but once you figure out all the features it is completely worth learning.

Hi Kenneth,

Some excellent installation and how to tutorials on bcnc, looks good, I will be trying this once I can get to the workshop. Thanks for your help.


I’d also recommend CNCjs. The developer is constantly making improvements and the UI is simple and well designed.