Working on a project acrylic paint won't work

Working on an MDF sign, and usually I sealed with water and glue and would paint using craft acrylic paint. Well this time I used Shellac, and it seems like the acrylic paint will not go on to it, almost like its being painted onto glass. Just wipes off. I guess you can’t use acrylic paint on shellac? Should I switch over and try to find an oil based paint that would match?

I used that for the first base with fine results. But couldn’t find the right color green I needed so opted to try this acrylic paint. It worked fine for the sides but thats about it

I use acrylic paint over shellac sealed wood for almost ever project. How is is the shellac and was it completely stirred?

You should never use any water based product over shellac it wax wax in it. Best to use Bullseye Seal Coat it’s shellac without the wax in it.

Yes, you need to use de-waxed shellac.

I’m pretty sure that’s what I used. I know it’s zinserr shellac anyways

You want to use this

Ah yeah couldn’t find any of that in my area was lucky enough to find the other can. Would enamel paint stick to this?

If you use an oil based product over shellac you might not have a problem. If you use any water based product over shellac you are just asking for problems it just can’t bond to shellac because of the wax in it. Trust me you will eventually have a problem.

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Yes you can put it over just about anything!

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That s why I figured I’d sand it with 150 sand paper and it would have no problems sticking… still no luck

Here is the stuff I’m using. The shellac and the new stuff I bought enamel paint from the craft store says it sticks to glass and acrylic etc… so figured it would have no problems on this. It’s better than the craft paint but still having the same issues. That s two coats. Luckily this is just a gift for my brother but at this point I’m not sure if I can even salvage this…


I see your problem. Its French, all it does is run.