Working on ordering my first X-carve

Hello all,

So I have a small woodworking company that I do part time. I’ve already decided that I am for sure buying the 1000mm version. I do alot of signs and plaques by hand at the moment so I’m hoping this will speed up my production. Now what I want to know is should I just go ahead and buy VcarvePro? or should I wait. I like the package deal you get with the machine. Also what accessories are a must have for the XC?

Side Note I am new to the CNC world

Buy it now.

Now or later. You will buy it.

Buy now. If you don’t you will buy later. That what I did and I wished I had bought it in the initial purchase

Thanks for the advice! Just placed my order and I included Vcarve pro

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Another question…do I receive a hard copy of the program or can I download it somewhere? Be nice to have it before the Xcarve arrives so I can familiarize myself with the software.

I believe they send out a hard copy. You can always download the demo from Vectric.

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