Working on the ends of long boards

I have a question about routing on the ends of long boards. Has anyone ever cut a clearance hole into their waste board so a long project board can be clamped vertically?

It seems like it should work just fine but I wanted to see if anyone can give me suggestions before I start.


Kind of like this

I don’t remember the guy’s name, but there is a video on YouTube that shows him using a Black & Decker Workmate to do what you’re wanting to do. He was able to cut conventional dovetails and the like with that setup.

“Long board” as in a board that is longer than the z travel.

Like working on the end of board that measures 1x6x12. See my photo in my second post.

so I have a split table setup for cutting the ends of logs or beams…


works great.

I recently added a rotary axis to it, because I could…


ask me anything…

Looks great! That gives me the confidence to proceed.

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what long board???

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Mounting the work piece vertically is one way to be able to carve dovetails digitally. As such, I fully expect to cut the through-hole in my waste board when I get there. Since the maximum thickness of any board I may carve dovetails into is probably 3/4", that’s a pretty easy hole to cut that won’t really structurally impact the waste board or overall rigidity of the work table. I’m thinking the width would be maxed out by whatever drawer sides or small boxes I’d make, so no biggie there either.

I’m saying. They look a little short to me to be called long.

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