Working with layers in design mode

If you ever used inkscape, and you worked with layers function, the interface is well done. I can hide layers, and move around in layers much easier than Easel. I am suggesting that Inventables takes a hard look at this function for Easel and work on improving. I find that while designing in Easel that when you move objects, lines, etc. forward and back that you can’t always grab ahold of them to move around. This is particularly true when there are many pieces to the puzzle. If you added a feature tool bar window that you could either hide or select from a box, this would be a game changer for a lot of people while designing. I have only used Easel since Sept 2021, and my overall opinion is that lots of time has been spent making Easel the best that it can be. Why stop now? Please consider adding layers function. If there is advice on how to use current setup better, please let me know. Anything to help the detailed process go better during design will be money well spent. Look forward to reading replies or being directed to greener pastures.

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