Working with previously created G-code

I built my own XCarve and I’m a fairly adept user of Aspire Pro and I STILL can’t figure out how to use the damned Easel software. Am I mistaken in thinking that the G-code I’ve created in Vectric using easel’s post processor already include my material, bit, speed/feed rates, and zero and datum points? And if they do, how do I make Easel stop recreating my entire project? My path is always off the Easel work area and I can’t see to do anything about it. Why can’t I simply open a new project, import my g-code and go? Regardless of the answer to that question - what do I do? I’ve been dealing with g-code sending software problems for months now like UGS and PicSender because of their complete lack of support and Easel just seems to be nuts. PicSender worked great until I made the mistake of updating to the latest version and now I’m dead in the water.

Can you supply a few screen shots of how Easel portray your imported gcode file?
How do you set Easel work zero (Home Position)?
Can you share the first 20 lines of gcode of a file?

Working a CNC is a 3-stage process:
1 - Design (CAD)
2 - Create tool paths (CAM)
3 - Carve (transmit/send gcode to machine controller)

Easel is a 3in1 package, as it can do all three.
Most other design programs are the first two, and you can choose the sender of your preference.
All tool path, work zero, feeds etc is generated in stage 2.
To get Easel to send gcode to match your Aspire design, the work zero´s must match eachother.
(Assuming the machine is otherwise sound)