Workpiece positioning?

I’m a newbie and have been placing my work pieces in the very lower left-hand corner of the wasteboard. That’s is where I’ve calibrated the homing switches to. I see many pictures on this forum and Youtube videos where the work pieces seem to placed in other random positions. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what the pro’s & con’s are for placement. I have the 750 mm model with the Dewalt 611.

Thanks for any feedback.

Homing establishes machine zero.

You can then set a work zero anywhere else.

Search for topics concerning machine zero vs work zero…those should explain everything.

Starting to make sense - now I just have to do it.


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There is a guy on YouTube that made some good clamps that will help you too. He has an X-carve and put dog holes in his wasteboard and used copper pipe. His videos are useful.

I plan on doing this as I do similar setups where I need to surface a board and having the clamps on top they just get in the way.

@RickOlsen While you are at it, search for “bump stops” as well. They help with job setup and they can be a job-saver if you use them.