Workpieces - View Button

I added this to the main thread but was not sure if it needed to be here as well. :slight_smile:

One additional add if possible (someone mentioned it already) would be a “View” or some button that when pushed shows you the layers (selectable would be awesome) overlaid so you can see how the layers line up together. I did the copy/paste from a previous split file project and the only way now for me to verify that the alignment is correct is to carve the entire project out (not ideal). If I could click both layers and see them on the overview I could confirm/tweak as needed. If its something you can add later it would be awesome!!



The view feature would be a bit more complicated. There are times when I use the new workpieces feature of hold several carvings that will be done to the same piece of material (different bits for example). But I also use it to just organize carvings that are to separate, but related parts.

I agree with you @AlexMcclure. Some way to see that you have all your parts indexed relative to each other.
In the short term, the only thing I can think to do is to make one big drawing and then separate them after the fact.
My intention is to use multiple cutters on the same project and this would give me a time to switch.
I see there is a beta plugin for this (multi tool) but haven’t figured it out yet.
Also…if you could spit out the gcode all at once with tool changes between pieces…hmmm.