Workshop aka man cave

Just ordered all the materials for building a foundation for my new 12x6 workshop to be built on :grinning:. I’m currently working out of my kitchen and garden so need a safe space where I can use power tools without a fear of small hands toaching anything sharp. At the moment I can only work when they are out so my wood work time is severely limited but that’s all set to change when the new getaway is built. Made it so there is enough room for an x carve eventually if I can find a way to get it without paying $500 postage to UK.

Need to make myself some signs for the outside now

Is postage $500 from RoboSavvy?

No but the overall price is a fair bit higher from there than from

Knew there must have been a glitch.

My wife and youngest head to London on Sunday from the Chicago airport. They probably won’t like it if I smuggle an x carve into their bags.

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