Worried about long (and getting longer) shipping estimates

When I decided to place my order for a 750, the shipment estimate was 4-5 weeks. Almost immediately after I plopped down my green, the estimate increased to 6-8 weeks. Now I’m reading about even longer delays and incomplete orders. Did I choose the wrong machine ?

I ordered my 1000mm kit on December 27. Two pieces are on the UPS truck today and the only piece remaining to be shipped is the dust collection kit, which doesn’t have a date yet. I’m pretty pleased with the speed, although it would be nice if they mark which pieces have/haven’t shipped on the order confirmation page.

And a cool thing I noticed… They didn’t send the X-Controller until after the figured out the issue with the E-Stop crimps.

This is an awesome company with an excellent staff. You did not choose the wrong company. Be patient and you will be very pleased with you machine.

AND they now offer financing, making it easier for some buyers to swallow the $2000 price tag, thus another spike in sales that they weren’t really prepared for.

That being said… totally worth the wait…