Would a cordless router work on the X-Carve?

Hi all,

this is my first post here. I have my X-Carve 500mm assembled with the Bosch Colt mount. As it turns out, getting a hold of a Bosch Colt router in Germany isn’t easy. While searching for alternatives, I stumbled upon this 18V cordless router from Makita: https://www.makitatools.com/products/details/XTR01Z. Would this be a feasible option for the X-Carve?


I wouldnt run cordless (battery) a CNC spindle, it may work perfectly but you may want to have it run for a couple of hours and your battery may not be fully charged…

The Makita RT0701C (65mm mount) is good to use, you also have Kress (45mm mount IIRC) which is even better in terms of lower minimum rpm.

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It would be fun to see but i don’t think it would be a good permanent solution. The battery weight on the Z axis also wouldn’t be good.

I had my dewalt router out to replace the bearings and i did think about trying my Ryobi cordless router just to play and see but didn’t bother in the end.

Marius Hornberger on youtube i know runs a Kress and seems to get good results.

Vibrations could possibly cause problems with battery pack connection aswell.

As has been said… battery life is going to be the killer.

…Having problems getting BOSCH products IN GERMANY!!! WTF?

Just as a impractical idea, could a battery powered X carve be built… in theory?

Using a cordless trim router an a battery to power the controller i wonder if it could be done. create a Job site CNC. I’m sure the issues would be around battery life and a flat stable base for the machine etc. just a fun idea.


I should be doing some work but instead i’m day dreaming you see.

a possible use would be to take to craft fairs and do things like make house numbers while people wait, shorter carve stull like that. So you could start with a blank and just carve the numbers all on the bench top.

Branch out the idea and go green with a solar powered CNC. Yes now i’m just being silly.

If you could figure a way to wire a DC controller to it or a DC power power source it could be possible. Not to mention the brushless motor on Cordless routers are more efficient and quieter to run and would last far longer than a brushed router. Has anyone tried this?