Would be nice to get updates / feeds / speeds / ANYTHING

Right after I purchased the 4x4 X Carve Pro I received a call from one of the folks at Inventables and he made me feel like I made a smart choice in pre-ordering a machine that we would not see for months. He said we would be learning a lot about our investment. Well, that’s where it ended no further contact, updates, just crickets… Anyone else feeling uneasy about our decision?

I completely agree (as I am in the same situation). I don’t even see the purchase in my order history.
Updates would be re-assuring and appreciated.

Same here! It’s a little concerning. I’m so excited for this machine but it would be nice to get an update. At least a couple more videos from the beta test group.

I agree…it would be nice to know updates if at all possible. I didn’t get any kind of a call, at least you got that…lol

I got an email about a month back where inventables said the spindle was upgraded from the initial one that was going to ship with the Pro. But, I too would love actual videos of use, not the ones from their marketing campaign.
Here is the email in it’s entirety about the spindle:

Hello Ken,

Are you ready for some great news? It’s update time!

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to bring your X-Carve Pro order to life. In fact, we spend a considerable amount of time analyzing each step in the production process and performing rigorous testing. Anything that doesn’t live up to our high standards is addressed immediately to ensure that you’re getting only the best.

We just completed what is called the Engineering or Alpha Build stage. The Alpha Build stage is the first opportunity in the product’s development where all components and manufacturing processes will be the same as those used for production. It’s our first opportunity to understand and flesh out risks with production-level parts. Alpha build units will effectively be the same parts as those in full scale production minus any changes we decide to make.

One prime example of a change that we decided to make during the Alpha stage is in regards to the spindle. We’re in the process of upgrading the spindle to enhance its performance, meaning that you’ll be able to use larger diameter tools to remove more material and carve exponentially faster. And along with enhanced tool choice, we’re testing power upgrades and the resulting impact to carving feeds and speeds. As we learn more from our testing, we’ll be sharing even more exciting updates with you.

We’re also excited to share that we are now into our pilot production stage and also finalizing the initial production schedule with our factory within the next two weeks. While production schedules can shift and change based on a range of factors, it will allow us to give you a more specific shipping estimate within the next two weeks.

We’re so grateful that you’ve trusted us with your business and we are excited to be one step closer to being able to ship your machine to you!

The Inventables Team

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A possible update to when we might be getting it would be great.

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Latest message from a couple weeks ago was about some delays (now May), and some additional upgrades on the pro. And, a few more marketing videos. I too would like to see more ‘at work’ types of videos. Even a full carve video at normal speed.