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Would be nice to get updates / feeds / speeds / ANYTHING

Right after I purchased the 4x4 X Carve Pro I received a call from one of the folks at Inventables and he made me feel like I made a smart choice in pre-ordering a machine that we would not see for months. He said we would be learning a lot about our investment. Well, that’s where it ended no further contact, updates, just crickets… Anyone else feeling uneasy about our decision?

I completely agree (as I am in the same situation). I don’t even see the purchase in my order history.
Updates would be re-assuring and appreciated.

Same here! It’s a little concerning. I’m so excited for this machine but it would be nice to get an update. At least a couple more videos from the beta test group.

I agree…it would be nice to know updates if at all possible. I didn’t get any kind of a call, at least you got that…lol