Would love a Carve Again button

Would love to have a one step process to repeat what you just did. I often do 30 plus cut outs of the same thing and it gets annoying to answer all the carve questions over and over… I envision maybe a 2 step process… 1st button “Carve Again” 2nd button “Is spindle at previous home position”. Personally I would be good with just carve again but double check home position probably isn’t a bad thing. I just don’t need to verify thickness and bit and whatever else it asks for…


I would suggest you explore an alternative g code sender.

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Export your g code after the file is proven to run true, and send it using UGS or PicSender.

I just found this post. I posted almost the same thing last Dec. (Carve Again Button or Repeat Same Carve)

I can’t believe more people don’t think this would be a useful feature. It literally takes like 10 mouse clicks to repeat the exact same carve AND you run the risk of accidentally hitting the option to set a new position, which throws off your depth of cut… something I have done many times.

It can’t be that difficult.

I feel it would be a very useful feature If your producing back to back carves of the same piece…Im in…