Wounded Warrior Looking for an entry level XCarve

Recently Returned from WTB, Army. medically Retired looking for something I can do to help supplement income. 750x750 any yr that still runs. Please let know.

Thank you for your service Teri. If you’d be comfortable privately sending me something redacted to prove your service, I’d like to PayPal you some money to help you with this initiative. As a DV myself, my XCarve has given me a place to "get away’ on many occasions. I’d be flattered if some other members would join me in doing so.

A quick Google search of your name shows that you may only be a few hours away from me. I’d also be willing to come give you a crash course in operating the machine if need be. No TMs necessary. :wink:




I’m trying to see if Voc Rehab will be able to assist as well.
I can meet Up as well. I was hoping that if Xcarve had some refurbished ones still waiting. I not comfortable accepting money. I would rather it place to xCarve.(like a gift card) this way all knows it’s going to the Xcarve.

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Hey there from one vet to another, thank you for your service. However I would strongly caution against passing your dd214 in a public forum like this.


I flagged it in hopes it gets removed. More flags make it automatic I think.
I also sent @GasparTeri a PM.

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I flagged it as well.

Teri, check your email. You have an Inventables gift certificate waiting. Thank you for your service to our great nation. Happy holidays.



Thank you very much brother

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Dude that was way too generous, I do I may be able to help another like you helped me. It might take a while till I can get things moving. God Bless you and your family. Again Thank you.


@GasparTeri, I am also a Vet(SCD). When I first looked into CNCing I was soo excited to get started.
Being I’m disabled with limited use of extremity’s, I was going to have some of my Battle Buddy’s put the machine together for me. But they gave me some tuff love and told me “Build it Yourself” !!
I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that instruction. (ok… At first I was pissed, but later definitely thankful)
If you start from scratch and build the machine, you will learn a lot about the XCarve. And if something goes wrong, you will have at least some idea what caused it. And if you post a question on here about it, you will halfway speak the language of the “CNC Whisperers” on here. These Guys are GREAT. They’ve helped me a lot and I’m sure when you get your x carve they will help you also. Just Ask.
I went to my VOC REHAB officer for assistance with the xcarve. I was denied because I had a part time (sympathy) job, given to me by a friend answering his phone. I can’t just sit at home. Best of Luck !! God Bless !!!


@GasparTeri - From one vet to another, thank you for your service.
Curious if you found your XCarve yet? If not, I’d either like to help, or help find your way to one. You could PM me directly, and I’ll do what I can.


Well right now still going through care, Voc Rehab just through a wrench in my wheel. Was approved for Voc Rehab and school in Virginia while in the WTU. I go to my HOR and was told that due to me getting care still for injuries they can not approve my school, now I’m working on my title 33 benefits to get some income in, waiting on VA to finish the process. So I have been on hold status trying to get home situated before I can get what I really want. So it’s a wait but still looking for a 750x750. I start school in 2 weeks with Adobe Illistrator . self learning Fusion 360 Then getting into auto cad.

Hi Jason,

I sent a PM to the original poster and am in the same boat. If you have some routes to make this somewhat obtainable please let me know. Thanks so much!

Til Valhalla

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