Wrench doesnt fit

Hi folks,

FINALLY decided to chuck up a bit last night for the maiden voyage of the new “X” and discovered that one of the wrenches supplied with the machine doesnt fit!?

The one for the collet is just fine but the one for the shaft is too small I pulled a 14mm out of my toolbox and that works just fine. I also inadvertently ordered a set of wrenches when my machine order was placed not knowing that a pair would be included as standard. That one doesnt fit either.

Sooo, something was changed up somewhere.

Yup. I reported this, and they are getting new wrenches for us.


Keepin’ it local! Someone likes Kozy’s, :grinning:

i got a replacement spindle this week and the old wrench doesnt fit it.

a 9/16" wrench works fine so thats what im using. not really a big deal other than mismatched wrenches