Writing Configuration

After assembly of the 1000mm X-Carve, I have come into a problem. Running through the Easel setup process I have hit a stand still after inputing type of controller, spindle, etc. Once it is turned on and plugged into the computer it stalls at “Writing Configuration…”. I have tried rebooting my computer and making sure the sequence was correct, based on the instructions given. I am using MacOS 10.13.4 High Sierra and I’ve tried this setup on both Google Chrome and Safari. After being frustrated for hours trying to read through the forums, I figured I’d see if anyone could help.

I had experienced something similar. What I did was put a powered USB hub in line with the x-controller. Prior to that, I bypassed the USB header and plugged a cable directly in to the USB port on the controller. Both worked for me. Here is another thread you might want to read.

There are multiple reports of not connecting, or disconnecting part way through a cut. Some have changed out USB cables altogether or even added some ferrite cores.

Not sure if this is the reason you cannot connect but it it worth trying. If this doesn’t work I would suggest searching “x controller not connecting.”

It is connecting to the controller via usb, but it is just getting stuck on that particular set up part.

Did you ever figure this out? I’m at this point and just watched it say “wire configuration” for 45 minutes and it didn’t do anything