Writing implement?

Is there any movement on the desire to produce a pen attachment like the one here for x-carve: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/10847738624154282346?lsf=seller:1135568,store:7413215779689198729,lsfqd:0&prds=oid:6644821834309135768&q=drill,+driver+and+screwdriver+accessories&hl=en&ei=EiHYYuP4MsqzkvQP4JW8yAg&sts=14&lsft=gclid:Cj0KCQjwz96WBhC8ARIsAATR251HWbbnNlZrDtJo4BjZAuXXFxqaecDuaOTxqtfWEff5gri1OZqwFLAaAhFpEALw_wcB

Duct tape a sharpie to your spindle. DIYing a mount like this out of any material would not be difficult if you have an xcarve

That is what I’m currently doing. Trying to figure out the ‘bit type’ and depth so it writes a bit more smoothly without hitting the same letter multiple times, but still touches the surface.

Would have to try experimentation there i believe since it would change with every pen, marker or pencil. Caliper the tip of your pen/marker, make your bit size that. Maybe cut a setup piece of material .125 (1/8th of a ince) thick, and use that to zero the marker above your workpiece. Then just set the cut depth at .130 of whatever you’re trying to draw. 5 thousandths should be plenty to stay in contact with the surface if your wasteboard is flat and parallel to the axis

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that one been around for a while, you have other options available.

in an emergency you use this

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