Written instructions for Easel

Good morning everyone,
I am a new user who is just messing around with Easel. As I am an older gentleman, I was wondering if there are any written instructions available for download. I appreciate the help:

Not that I am aware of however, I have done 100s of videos that show just about everything that you can do with easel. Many people have said that my videos have helped them. You may want to start with that. Here is a link if you are interested. https://www.youtube.com/c/pawpawsworkshop


Watch Phillip’s videos! They really helped me get a better understanding.


Its OK to refer to me as a dinosaur. I too am an old guy, and wear the moniker proudly. Never used a CNC in my life, though I do have a pretty good math brain (helps) When mine was finally up and running (been close to a year now), I thought I wasted my $$, because I was never going to get the hang of this monstrosity. Started slow. Discovered Paw-Paw’s (Phillip) YouTube page. Trust me, watch them. He tells you what to do in slow simple to understand English. I use mine 360 days a year, and still love it. Subscribe to his YouTube page, its worth it.


Thank you Phillip, I will watch and subscribe today!

Thank you for the advice, I will do it!

Thanks Mike. I only use my computer for email, research and streaming so all of this is quite new to me!

Ask, ask, ask. These folks are the best. Research a little first, most likely your question have probably been asked in the past. If you don’t see the question, ask. What I see on here are posts like “it won’t turn on”, “it won’t cut” “it’s making a funny noise” with no other details. Like a bunch of free doctor’s waiting to diagnose, be as specific as you can with your query. They will help. Those that ask a random non specific question out of frustration are the ones that don’t respond, and give details. These guys are ready to help. You will get multiple answers and fast. Trust me, this is the place to be for X-Carve question’s.