Wrong axis moving during carve setup

Alright… going though a calibration run after going though Machine inspector to fix my probe not being at the right thickness. Having to go through recalibrating the x,y, and z axis. Made a line 650 mm long… go into carve and set my home position…
then randomly after hitting the lift bit button the will move in the x or y axis and not the z. reset the machine to my home… and the next time it will raise that bit like it should… puzzled.

its not the wiring… I posted in the burn it down thread… swapped the connectors and the motors work fine… the x axis port on the xcontroller is bad. I spent a year buying pieces when I had some money saved up… finally get everything together and running through calibration… and the x-controller is crap. and because it took me a year to get this far… most likely SOL. $1500 paper weight… FML

Get in touch with Inventables and see if they will help you.