Wrong carving preview

Hi, I just did a work piece now thats my carving preview was shoing the stars of the flag very nicely, like flat top, then when its was done hadnt flat top.
I mean like the stars was more like spear tip… so I must pass throught in the planer to remove at least 1/16" to have flat top.
“I set V bit 90 degrees 1.25” width, because I was using that for the flags stripes. But on preview using the 60 degrees 0.25" width was the same, so i decided to use the big one to dont waste time.

Any ideas?


I would expect to see that result if the z zero was too low, so the area where z zero was set is lower in retation to the spindle plane than the actual area of the carve.

This could be a result of a non- parallel work surface or a z zeroing method that is flawed, like using a z probe with the wrong thickness setting.

I suggest:

  1. verifying the probe (if you’re using one).
  2. Verify the z movement is properly calibrated (move the z and measure how much it moves vs how much it was told to move, the more distance tested, the easier it is to measure the variance)
  3. Surface the workpiece

Or as a substitute to #3 you can try this shimming method i sometimes use.

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I’ll check it out, thank you, let you know

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what is that machine, looks really powerfull, soon i’ll need better one than the xcarve

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Its a workbee and It was cheaper than youd think… i actually bought it brand new for $1900 and 800 of that was for expedited air freight. And that included the 1.5kw spindle as well…

They have a better model now called the Ultimate Bee which is a similar design but uses linear rails and ball screws for even better accuracy and rigidity. For abour $4-500 more

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