Wrong drag chain received for my 1000mm X-carve?

When I called Inventables, the person I talked to said I could not get the upgrade kit with the new bar. They said it was some marketing decision. All I wanted to do was order the silly $65 kit they currently offer, but no go. I also had a two email exchange about why I wanted this since the old one has a tendency to sag and has hit part hold-downs.
Seems like the only way to get the new kit is to purchase a whole new X-carve.
Sucks to be an early adapter…

I’d say call back until you get a better answer. I was able to buy the X-Carve 1000mm Drag Chain Kit - 30696-01 for my 2015 X-Carve. It took some fiddling to get it installed and I had to change the orientation of my X stepper motor so the wires wouldn’t interfere, but it’s working now and I think it’s better.

I have the files that I used to make the “L” brackets to hold the 20mm X 20mm extrusion in place, it is based on the deminsions of the bracket used on the X-Carve V2. I have them installed on the x-carve at work and they work great. let me know if you want me to share the file.

edit: I cut them out of acrylic, they are solid and look good in my opinion as well.

Sorry to bother you phil, but could you post pictures? I am at a total loss of this 45° locking position.

Thanks Phil: I am going to go check that out. never knew. I installed a 20mm extrusion with brackets to keep it from drooping, but still nice to know.

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