Wrong home position/resetting home position on Carvey

I have been experimenting a little with 2-sided cuts, and Ive had problems with the cuts not matching when I’m done.

So I’ve tried different things to check if my material was uneven, if there was debris on the wasteboard, if the material wasn’t totally aligned with the smart clamp and the corner. But it turns out that the Y-axis home position is 0,6-0,65mm off, and thats why my cuts never completely align.

Is there a way that I can reset the homeposition on my Carvey so my 2-sided carves will align properly?

Anybody have any suggestions of how to fix it? So far I can do some adjustments in Easel to counter the inaccuracy. But off course it would be easier if i could just “reset” the clamp position so everything fits…

I just added a picture of my test setup. It seems the home position on the y-axis is off by 0,6mm as shown on the first image. That means I have to manually compensate every time i have to cut 2-sided cuts. Does anyone have suggestions on how to change this?

It is the angle of the photo that is tricking the eye… The corner is square. The piece of plywood is a square cut out on the Carvey for the purpose of the test.

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