Wrong PCB carving

Hi there!

Any ideas why it happens?

It’s the screenshot from the Flatcam:

As you can see, I trying carve all copper around the routes and pads. Sizes in the left side pointed in millimeters.

It’s the screenshot from the http://chilipeppr.com/grbl:

Looks good!

So, I tried many variants:

  1. Easel + MacBook
  2. Chilipeppr + MacBook
  3. Chilipeppr + Raspberry Pi Zero

It’s result by Easel + MacBook:

I’ve calibrated the machine, so it no reason.

A few days ago i successfully carve this PCB by Easel + MacBook. But yesterday i started to experiment with Chilipeppr and also changed width of the routes and pads in PCB model. I didn’t change any GRBL settings by Chilipeppr, i experimented only with wireless connection to my machine through Raspberry Pi. I spent whole day and I didn’t get correct result with it. And today i can’t carve even by Easel.

Please help me.

Hm, looks like It was a calibration problem. I loosened the eccentric nuts and the belts. And result began much better.

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The forum can only help those that can help themselves. I want to make my own PCB’s in future and this is very inspiring to give it a go.