Wrong place

I’m having trouble with my Xcarve carving in the opposite side of the work area. Any help is appreciate it

Are you using Easel? Are you setting your home position to the bottom left corner of your material?

Yes to both

I have tried a couple of different designs also

this is what is happening

Are you saying the carving at the bottom of the piece shown in your first picture is what you get from telling Easel to carve the “TEXT” project?

Does the Easel preview pane look right?

Yes. It shows where it is supposed to be. But when I go to carve it does it in a different pace.

These are the parameters I get when I home the machine

That’s really odd… That doesn’t look like any part of what you’re trying to carve (right?), unless I’m missing something.

Are all your stepper motors wired correctly and plugged into the correct locations on your X-Controller? I’m wondering if maybe you have some of them mixed up? When you just jog the machine, does it move the way you tell it to?

All the connections are correct and when I jog it it goes in the direction I’m telling it to go

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