Wrong placement of design on project

I have a nice design in x carve. Man, it looks great. everything is nice and even and centered just perfect. I do all of the homing and setting up my machine. The design start to carve. NOPE! the design is off on the piece of wood. I have tried this 10x and it is still off. There goes another piece of expensive wood. GRRRR. Why is it that what I design is not at all what it comes out to be?

Since we have nothing to judge by I´ll guess that your stock reference point is not aligned properly with the design reference point. Aka work zero discrepancy.

Provided all axes are calibrated that is, if they are not all bets are off.

Care to share your Easel project?

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Please explain “stock reference point aligned to design reference point”.my measurements for the wood are exact to what I have imputed on. I use corner positions points for starting not center. I home my machine every time.

Is the carving also skewed? If so, your Steps/mm setting is not correct. Are you using an X-Carve?

He means that if your design is expected to be at (1", 1") from the (0, 0) and that Zero point is the front corner of the stick then your stock reference point (Work Zero) should be the exact lower left corner of your stock.

Can you share the Easel project and post a picture of how the carve looks?


Brandon Parker


Have you checked the calibration of your machine?
As in command a 10" jog command, is the actual travel also 10"?

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