Wrong size being cut

I have a brand new licensed copy of Mach3. I have calibrated my steps per MM with Mach3’s auto calibration. I removed any Mach3 files anywhere on my PC. I downloaded Mach3 and installed it and UC100 drivers. To test I created a 5x5x5 square profile cut. It consistently cuts 4x4x4. I also have used Aspire and it does the same thing. I’m pulling what’s left of my hair out. The common denominator seems to be Mach3. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Can you share the gcode file and bit size?

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Did you adjust anything is the settings tab to adjust nominal vs measured distance? The axis calibration part…You set a distance and then measure that and enter what the actual distance is for each axis.

Will a 2,5x2,5x2,5 => 2x2x2?
If so its a step/mm issue
If it isnt its a offset value

I thought Aspire did the same thing, but it seems to work.
Yes I can share the gcode. The bit 1/16" 12 x 24 1/4" thick.

I have just shared the project. I created a rectangle and in Shape put 5.0 in height and 5.0 in width.