Wrong size of text

Can someone tell me whats wrong I write a text in Easel (not pro text) 50 mm high but when I cut it its only cutting 25 mm high
It didn`t do it earlier, this is the first time

Is it just the text or have you attempted something simple like a square? If you carve a 50mm x 50mm square and it is not cut out correctly, your calibration is likely off.


Brandon Parker

Text is measured from the Em-square. So if you have a text with large acenders and decenders the size of the letters may differ from the size of the text. The Em square is the block of metal that the type would have been cut out of,

(see https://community.adobe.com/t5/indesign/how-to-determine-a-text-size-by-actual-print-measurement/m-p/11227043)

are there a settings in the $$ that I can check if the settings have changed ?

First of all, test jog distance for a 50mm jog command.
This will tell us if the machine scaling (step/mm) is off or not.

Yes I can jog 50 mm
But when I type a simpel text letter V
and type in the hight 50 mm in the type/shape box
it`s to small
I have to type 100 mm in the box to get aprox. 50 mm in real
Something is wrong

How do I check the right settings ?
in the console for 1000 x 1000 mm x-carve

As Lukas_Engqvist pointed out, a text object’s size is based on the “invisible” container in which it is constrained. If you want to use the text objects as they are, you will have to manually adjust the size to fit how you want them to be (the indicated size will always be larger than the actual text size).

One thing you can do if you want to remove the text object’s invisible container and work directly with the text itself is to do the following.

  1. Create a text object normally.
  2. Select the object
  3. Go to the Apps section and select the Xploder app.
  4. Leave the gap at 0 (normally), or adjust as needed (as observed in the viewing pane)
  5. Select the Import button; the new text will be added to your project with each letter being a separate object
  6. Delete the original text object that has the “invisible” container
  7. Select all of your newly added text from the Xploder App run.
  8. Combine the text into one object
  9. Size accordingly

For your reference, you have to query the GRBL firmware in the controller.

  1. Go to: Machine>Advanced>Machine Inspector
  2. Type $$ into the Console TextBox
  3. Press Enter
  4. Post your current settings here.

Also, note whether your X-Carve is stock or if there are modifications that you might have performed that might alter the settings requirements when you post settings.

I do not think you need to post your settings now based on the conversation…


Brandon Parker

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  • $132=100.000
  • $131=750.000
  • $130=750.000
  • $122=50.000
  • $121=500.000
  • $120=500.000
  • $112=500.000
  • $111=8000.000
  • $110=8000.000
  • $102=188.976
  • $101=40.000
  • $100=40.000
  • $32=1
  • $31=0
  • $30=1
  • $27=1.000
  • $26=250
  • $25=750.000
  • $24=25.000
  • $23=3
  • $22=0
  • $21=0
  • $20=0
  • $13=0
  • $12=0.002
  • $11=0.020
  • $10=115
  • $6=0
  • $5=0
  • $4=0
  • $3=4
  • $2=0
  • $1=255
  • $0=10